Terms and Conditions Concerning E-mail

Quirk, Rivers & Hunter has established the following terms and conditions for all e-mail transmissions that are generated, in whole or in part, from the domain quirkhunter.com, including content that may have been generated in whole or in part from other e-mail domains (all such e-mail is referred as QH email).

For further information please contact a Quirk, Rivers & Hunter administrator by e-mail at info@quirkhunter.com.

QH email may include content which is intended to be confidential, subject to the attorney-client privilege, or otherwise protected under applicable law. Delivery of confidential material by e-mail not does not diminish the confidential, privileged or otherwise protected nature of such material.

QH email may be inadvertently disclosed to unintended recipients. This unintended disclosure does not alter Quirk, Rivers & Hunter’s intent that the protected, confidential or privileged nature of such material be preserved. All persons who believe that they have erroneously received any QH email are requested to delete such email, including any attachments.

No person should interpret any QH email as a legal opinion unless otherwise expressly stated.

No one who receives an email purportedly from Quirk, Rivers & Hunter should rely on the authenticity or completeness of that e-mail, unless it is received directly from Quirk, Rivers & Hunter.

No person is entitled to copy, forward or otherwise re-use any material contained in any QH email, without Quirk, Rivers & Hunter’s express written permission.

Quirk, Rivers & Hunter takes measures to prevent malicious code from being distributed via QH email, but these measures cannot 100% effective. Quirk, Rivers & Hunter disclaims any responsibility for any damages that may result from any such malicious code that is unintentionally contained in any QH email.

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